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Got a couple of gigs to tell you about.... Saturday 19th of March we're at The Bridgehouse in Canning Town supporting The Special Guests (ex members of Squire, The Sha La La's, etc) and with Proper kicking the night off..... a fiver on the door...... Saturday 16th July we're in Putney Supporting The Kite Collectors.... more details to follow..... just sorting out a very nice gig in Cambridge, probably for late May.


We have a song due out in March on the Glory Boy Mod radio Showcase no.1 CD. The album features 23 current mod bands that Alan May features regularly on his wonderful Sunday evening show


And we've just put up a couple of our newest songs for your listening pleasure. These new songs are part of the set that we've been knocking together for our 2nd album. As we've got too many great songs coming along we thought we'd treat you. LIGHT THE FUSE is on the Glory Boy Album and along with GET UP GET OUT these songs are normally in our live set. And from album no.1 we have added another live favourite of our WE FEEL NO LUV, this version with harp by Andy Morton of RnB band SPECIAL BRANCH.

New Album News

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We started knocking together ideas for a album no. 2 pretty much straight after the release of GHOSTS OF YESTERDAY. We don't get a lot of time together so our original hope of having an album to promote in early 2016 has gone out of the window. Though we can report that we've put down drums, bass and have been adding rough guitar and vocals on over 20 tracks.

The songs have been "written" in an awkward process with emails containing MP3s and confused ideas going backward and forwards. Songs really only being bashed through quickly at a practice to see what the drums might do..... so basically we're now deciding how to build the songs up in a back to front sort of way. Our first album was mostly recorded in the same way so we know that we'll get a result eventually.

LIGHT THE FUSE and GET UP GET OUT from our live set are pretty much finished and we are expecting them to find their way onto a mod compilation album in the near future.

After the initial bout of writing and recording it was decided that we possibly had a few to many "complicated" songs so we decided to write a few that had a bit more in the way of a chorus going on. As a result UNTOUCHABLE (Radio Star), MAKING SHAPES and MODERN LUV were born and will be in our improved live set at our next gig (looking like the end of February).

Next time we're together we'll take a 4 track recorder and tape something so that you can hear how the songs for album no. 2 are shaping up. Until then......

 Cheers - The Breed

 p.s. Our first album is available from Detour Records for £5 plus postage..... Please follow the link DYING BREED, THE - Ghosts Of Yesterday CD (M) (NEW) - DETOUR RECORDS


The Dying Breed Album Release

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Our wonderful debut album is available from Detour Records for a fiver plus postage..... Please follow the link below.



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Shindig Magazine Review

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SHINDIG MAGAZINE (December) – Review by Kris Needs

After incubating for the last 18 months in the UK mod scene, Hounslow, Dartford and Braintree trio The Dying Breed have managed to produce their debut album on a shoestring. The accompanying letter from songwriter/drummer Pat McVicar describes their influence as “1966, ‘79 and ‘95 and a touch of Motown” and lyrics being about “scraping by, selling out, getting older, social engineering, corporate greed and other random thoughts”.

Between them they cook up a dynamic array of blunt social comment couched in imaginative harmonies, Jam-style tautness and gritty performances such as “Violent Playground” and “What Happened To The Roxy ?

The set is only let down by the lo-fi recording quality inevitably dulling some of the power and attack which would of made these songs come further alive but this rare kind of DIY passion reminds me of the vibrant late 70’s and deserves support.

Review by Rob Massey taken from A BEAT CITY DIARY

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THE DYING BREED's album GHOSTS OF YESTERDAY .... .. Review by Rob Massey taken from A BEAT CITY DIARY.


"So where has all the social commentary gone? What happened to those tunes of yesteryear which regaled the state of the nation to a backdrop of any guitar and any bass drum? In times like these there should surely be an outpouring of tunes from angry young men with fire in their bellies and a protest song in their hearts.

Look no further pop pickers. In Ghosts Of Yesterday, The Dying Breed - hailing from Hounslow/Dartford/Braintree - have produced an album of tunes that dig deep into the social mores of daily life on this green and pleasant land, complete with elements of celebration at the possibilities of being an independent spirit among the bland conformity and excess of mediocrity. Packed with social observation, tunes such What Happened To The Roxy, They Believe (In Saturday Night) and God Bless Tommy hit you in the head like a black and white kitchen sink film from the British new wave set to music.

"Recorded in a garage in Dartford and a shed in Braintree", it says in the sleeve notes. Which is spot on, from where we're sitting. The Dying Breed (Jason Williams - guitar and vocals, Stuart Harris, bass and Pat McVicar, drums, ably supported by backing vocalists Sue Moore and Claire Draycott) deliver a set of modernist music from the streets, telling stories of life lived today, complete with grit, determination and perfectly worn Harrington. A testimony to the power of this selection is that a generous raft of tunes was recently featured on Glory Boys Radio, the essential programme of choice for the Sunday evening discerning listener. The band's music is also available at Heavy Soul and Detour.

Get hold of a copy if the album. Turn it up. And let it blast out the rhythm and commentary of Britain today"

Ghosts of Yesterday Review by The Merc

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The Dying Breed are a 3 piece Mod band that hail from Hounslow, Dartford and Braintree who described themselves as being "raised with, and cling on to our everyday British culture", something clearly highlighted by their debut Album "Ghosts of Yesterday".


It's clear from the opening track that these lads wear their influences proudly, citing their influences to include The Jam and Ray Davies. Raw guitars, powerful bass and hard hitting drums evoke memories of the Mod revival of the late 70s early 80's, where the original Jazz and Soul influences were being replaced by an edgier sound that was born out of the end of the punk era.


A feel that is also supported by the production of the album which in the sleeve notes was described as being recorded in a " garage in Dartford and a shed in Braintree" !


The album opens with a spoken introduction before announcing "We are The Dying Breed" and exploding into life with the album opener "Fearless But Now" , the battle cry "When I was a boy things made more sense to me" immediately grabbing the listener.


What follows is a 13 track album of quality guitar driven music that sits perfectly alongside the songwriting. This is social commentary where "teachers are scared of pupils - welcome to the new school" (violent playground).


The line "Now it's just a night club in a soulless town" from "What happened to the Roxy" draws a natural comparison to the topics brought up by The Specials in "Ghost Town", while the Day to day monotony of everyday life gets a nod on Days Go By where "The Money's run out cos we bought some fun, 2 weeks getting burnt in the sun".


The Dying Breed tell of living in today's times, the bass of Stuart Harris and Pat McVicar's drumming compliment the very British feel of not only the topics but the vocals of Jason Williams. Hard hitting songs with catchy chorus' s , great humour and an obvious pride in where they are from . This is brought hauntingly to a close by the final track, "God Bless Tommy" telling of a Soldiers plans when the war is over.


Well dressed music from the subculture that has gained radio AirPlay, a growing live reputation and now with "Ghosts of Yesterday" an album that is to be played loud.



Great Night In Cambridge !

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The Dying Breed supporting Small World at the Corner House Cambridge

Many thanks to the Alley Club and for the crowds great support, helped us give it some !!!

Welcome To Our New Website

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This website will keep you updated with events, reviews and releases....